Privacy Policy

The Japanese Association of Industrial/Organizational Psychology (hereinafter known as the Association) has established the following privacy policies and created a system for protecting private information in order to promote private information protection through the adoption of stringent initiatives designed to ensure that the entire administrative organization is fully aware of the importance of protecting private information.

– Private Information Management

The Association will maintain all private information acquired from Association members and visitors to the site (hereinafter known as Members, etc.) in an accurate and up-to-date manner, and manage said data in accordance with the stringent maintenance and administration of a security system, the adoption of measures to ensure thorough staff training, and the implementation of security measure to prevent the illegal access, loss, damage, unauthorized modification and leaks, etc., of private information.

– Objectives for the Use of Private Information The private information

acquired from Members, etc., shall be used for sending out electronic mail and documentation for the purpose of the Association contacting members, providing information on work-related subjects, and to reply to inquiries.

– Non-disclosure of Private Information to Third Parties

The private information acquired from users will be managed in an appropriate manner, and, in the exception of the following cases, will not be disclosed to third parties. When Members, etc., agree to disclosure; When Association duties are entrusted to outside suppliers in order to perform the services required by Members, etc.; When disclosure is necessary in accordance with the law.

– Private Information Security Measures

The Association will establish complete security to ensure the accuracy and safety of private information.

– Access by the Owners of Private Information

The Association will comply with requests to reveal, revise and delete private information under the condition that it has been confirmed that the request originated with the owner of said information.

– Strict Observance of Laws and Regulations, and Revisions, In addition to strictly observing the laws and all other regulations pertaining to private information prevalent within Japan, the Association will revise and improve the Privacy Policy when appropriate.

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