Association Journals

The name of the Association’s journal is Industrial and Organizational Psychology Research. It provides articles, editorials, research information and other details on the latest theories and practical research into human resources, organizational behavior, safety and operations, and consumer behavior.
All of the articles published have to go through a screening process by a team of editors. It is published bi-annually. We look forward to receiving as many submissions as possible from Association members.

■List of Contents

Vol.34 2020

Vol.33 2019

Vol.32 2018

Vol.31 2017

Vol.30 2016

Vol.29 2015

Vol.28 2014

Vol.27 2013

Vol.26 2012

Vol.25 2011

Vol.24 2010

Vol.23 2009

Vol.22 2008

Vol.21 2007

Vol.20 2006

Vol.19 2005