Read on to find answers to the most frequently asked questions on JAIOP.

1. General FAQs

1-1 Where do I find the full text of a journal article?

You may click here and then put the title, key words or volume and issue numbers of the JAIOP journal on the website of J-Stage. All articles are freely available in PDF format, however, please note that most of articles on the JAIOP journal are written in Japanese.

1-2 Can I read Journal articles in English?

You may read the outlines of articles in English (click here), though full text of articles on the JAIOP journal are mostly written in Japanese.

2. Membership FAQs

2-1 How do I join membership with JAIOP?

You may see the membership page (click here) and if you decide to be a member, please fill in the application form (click here) and send it.

2-2 How do I pay for my annual membership fees?

You may pay through bank or Japan post transfer. JAIOP does not accept any credit cards.

2-3 How do I participate in the annual meeting of JAIOP?

You can register for the annual meeting even if you do not have a membership. You may pay the admission fee on the day for the meeting. However, JAIOP only receive cash on that day.

2-4 How do I apply for the journal of JAIOP?

You may first need a membership for applying paper for the journal. Please see the membership page (click here).

3. Jobs & Careers FAQs

3-1 Can I get an internship program or an intern job of JAIOP or in Japan?

JAIOP does offer neither internship programs nor intern jobs. Please find an internship program or an intern job organized by companies, agents or governments such as METI (https://internshipprogram.go.jp/english/).

3-2 Can I work in the field of HR in Japan?

JAIOP does not have any information on working in Japan. Please find proper websites, agents or governments for that.

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