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The Structure and Regulating Factors for Images of Local Civil Servants Held by University Students

TAKAHASHI Naoya(University of Tsukuba)

This study examined the structure and regulating factors for images of local civil servants with two questionnaires administered to college students. In this study, local civil servants are defined as clerical personnel at city and prefecture administrative offices, excluding specialist employees, such as teachers, police officers and fire fighters. Images of local civil servants were found to consist of four elements-’customary,’ ‘public safety,’ ‘authoritative,’ and ‘good working conditions’-with the respondents having images of civil servants as ‘being very customary, working under good conditions, and being a little authoritative.’ The images were regulated according to whether the respondent is applying to be a local civil servant, whether family members and relatives are local civil servants, and respondent personality (need to elevate status, life satisfaction, efficacy to society). Images were more regulated by respondent personality rather than by other factors.

Keyword : local civil servant, administrative staff, social image