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A Study regarding the Ethics of a Corporate Organization

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Over the last decade there have been increasing concerns regarding Business Ethics in society. Many companies have been making efforts to perform more ethical business. The purpose of this survey is to grasp ethics unique to X company, and then we will consider the best policy suited to them. This paper reports the result of the Business Ethics survey conducted in the company. The following two points are described in the paper. 1. What type of ethics do employees have in the company? 2. How do they embody their ethics there? We have found out that as to the former, their ethics are divided into 4 categories: consideration for customers, others and society; observance of codes of conduct and rules; proper and right behavior; retention of fairness, and as to the latter, their understanding of ethics is different according to their experience, position and job in the company

Keyword : business ethics, corporate ethics, organizational socialization