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An Attempting to Construct an Emotional Labor Behavior Scale for Restaurant Workers

SUKA Tomomi(Mejiro Graduate School)

SHOJI Masami(Mejiro University)

The purpose of this study was to construct an emotional labor scale for restaurant workers. In this study, emotional labor was defined as the work that is required the emotional regulation to display the desired emotions at the interaction with customers. Questionnaires were completed by 203 restaurant workers (68 males and 135 females). Factor analysis revealed that the concept of emotional labor had three subscales: “Emotional dissonance”? (14 items), “Sensitivity requirements”(11 items) and “Positive emotional display”(8 items). The scales showed satisfactory reliabilities(α>.85). Construct validities for the scales were also presented.

Keyword : emotional labo, restaurant business, scale construction, reliability, construct validity