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Changes in Job Capability Requirements of Managerial Staff as a Result of Development of Information Technology


Incidental to changes in the corporate environment brought about by developments in information technology, the job capability requirements for managerial staff are also changing. More importance is being placed on managerial staff creating specific values by moving subordinates and related persons rather than resolving issues and achieving objectives based on higher level policies using traditional management approaches. To create products, services, and business models with specific values, managerial staff will be required to possess specific knowledge, namely specialist knowledge in regard to their areas of responsibility. However, according to an analysis using the eight job capability requirements of “job models with adaptability to changes” as the core, it was found that many managerial staff tended to evaluate themselves as possessing high specialist abilities although they were not aware that specific knowledge relating to their area of responsibility was a capability requirement. This discovery is a valuable one when it comes to developing a system for enhancing the capacity of managers to adapt to an information-oriented society.

Keyword : managerial staff, information-oriented society, adaptability to changes, job capability requirements, specialist knowledge