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Examination of the Effect the Organization Characteristic of Exerts on an Employee’s Degree of Mental Health.

OKADA Tomoka(Waseda University)

MATSUMOTO Shinsaku(The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training)

KOSUGI Shotaro(Waseda University)

This study examined the effect of the degree of recognition of corporate vision, strategies and innovation on employee mental health.Subjects were 6711 employees of 48 companies.The Human Resource Management check list,which measures work situation,commitment,and stress reactions,was employed to evaluate the employees.The results showed that 1) a clear recognition of vision and strategies effectively reduced stress reactions and increased positive feelings of employees, 2) a recognition of being innovative effectively increased positive feelings of employees.The results suggest that employee mental health is compatible with good performances.

Keyword : organizational health, organizational characteristic, vision and strategy, innovation