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A Review of the Literature on Organizational Justice

HAYASHI Yoichiro(Nagoya University of Commerce and Business)

This study reviews the field of organizational justice. I propose four key research perspectives into which almost all of the empirical and theoretical studies fall. Specifically, I organize my discussion with respect to four key questions of the research and theory that have contributed to the development of organizational justice. These include: (a) How do people form perceptions of organizational justice? This question focused on the process involved in judging fairness; (b) Why do people care about organizational justice? This question has induced scholars to explore the conditions in which justice concerns are likely to be triggered; (c) What is this construct called organizational justice? This question discusses the nature and measurement of the concepts; (d) Who is more attentive to organizational justice? This question focuses on the individual difference relevant to justice. The author argues the possible avenues for future research by suggesting the testable mediators and moderators. Some suggestions and practical implications of justice research are discussed.

Keyword : organizational justice, procedural justice, distributive justice, interactional justice