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The Influence of Stressors within VDT work on Employee’s Mental Health ― Focusing on the interactive operation type ―

ISHIDU Kazuko(The University of Tokyo)

The purpose of this study is to investigate factors within visual display terminals (VDT as follows) work related stress reactions in a company. For this purpose, this study developed a scale named the VDT work stressor scale. Based on a result of factor analysis of 15 items, the VDT work stressor scale was found to include three subscales (the qualitative overload concerned with E-mail, the operating trouble and the excessive quantity of E-mail). As a result of multiple regression analysis, it was found that both the excessive quantity of E-mail and the qualitative overload concerned with E-mail significantly associated with mental health. These results suggested the effects of E-mailing within VDT work on mental health.

Keyword : CMC, VDT work stressor scale, mental health, reliability