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The Effect of the Job-information and Vocational Training during the Job-seeking Process

OKUTSU Mari(The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training)

The objectives of the present study are to understand the conditions that facilitate the re-employment of job-seekers and to establish effective supporting approaches toward obtaining a job. To attain these, the author have analyzed the awareness and behavior of trainees of vocational training facilities with respect to their job-seeking activities.
For those unemployed attending a vocational training course, job-seeking information of individuals was useful for effective vocational training toward reasonable job-seeking, and such training significantly affected their job-seeking activities. To increase the effect of vocational training, it is important to define the aim of getting a job, and to attain this aim through the choice of job, there is a need for rationality. Also, it was shown that such rationality must be secured as a tool to realize this aim to understand a particular job by selecting an appropriate course for the job category and through skill acquisition.

Keyword : unemployment, vocational training, job-seeking behavior, job information, choosing a vocation