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The effect of the legal system and interpersonal interaction on perceived fairness and accessibility to the court

IMAZAI Kei-ichiro(Hokkaido University of Education/Hakodate Campus)

IMAZAI Keiko(Nagoya University )

As deregulation policy in Japan has been pushed forward for about the past 10 years, companies have come into contact with an unspecified number of partners and now use the judicial system to solve disputes with them more than before. In this study, we examined impressions of judges and the legal system by employees with experience in the corporate legal department in charge of dispute resolution. The results showed that if employees had positive impressions of judges, then they perceived the system to be more fair and accessible. It was suggested that they confirmed social status of self and the propriety of judicial results through the interaction with judges.

Keyword : justice, transparency, civilcase, corporate legal department