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The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Recognition of Personnel Evaluation System

KOJIMA Yayoi(Saitama Gakuen University)

OHTA Keiko(Hitotsubashi University)

In this article, we studied the difference in employees’ job satisfaction depending on the existence of feedback meeting after personnel evaluation. First of all, we have identified 3 types of personnel evaluation systems; such as performance-based, seniority-based and the combination of them. We also examined whether the employees were feeling the difference between the system framework and its actual operation. According to our questionnaire survey, the employees recognizing their evaluation system as performance-based were more satisfied with their workplaces when they have feedback meetings. On the other hand, the employees recognizing their evaluation system as the combination of performance-based and seniority-based were more satisfied when they didn’t have feedback meetings. Addition to this study, we also looked into the influence of the need towards personal appraisal (need for praise-seeking and need for rejection-avoidance) to the satisfaction of workplace. As a result, we found that the rejection-avoiders were feeling less satisfaction in their workplace when they had feedback meeting. Over all, the results showed that the consequence of the employees feeling the discrepancy between the framework evaluation system and its actual operation could possibly cause less-satisfaction in workplace.

Keyword : job satisfaction, personnel evaluation system, employees' recognition, evaluation feedback, need for praise-seeking, need for rejection-avoidance