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Review on the Effectiveness of Goal Setting Management Strategy

NOGAMI Makoto(Kyushu University)

FURUKAWA Hisataka(Kyushu University)

We review studies that dealt with goal setting, by focusing not only on the phase of the goal attainment process but also on how goal setting management is carried out. Our findings revealed that goal setting management strategy can be described as falling into three categories i.e., achievement demand (including vision clarification and achievement emphasis), achievement support (including support provision and feedback provision) and promotion of participation. Goal setting management generally had positive effects on goal level, motivation, learning, performance, satisfaction and organizational commitment. Many of the studies that we reviewed showed positive effects of achievement support and promotion of participation. In contrast only a small number of studies demonstrated the promoting effect of achievement demand. Finally, we posed two research questions for future study and we suggested several implications.

Keyword : goal setting, phase, phase, management strategy