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Development of “Performance” scale that evaluates appropriateness of manager’s behavior

KAWANISHI Chihiro(Kyoto Koka Women's University)

TAKAGI Hiroto(Aichi Gakuin University)

The purpose of this study was to develop a simulation questionnaire for evaluating appropriateness of manager’s behavior and to examine the validity of the questionnaire. In research 1, based on three investigations, 25 descriptions of work situations and five alternative responses for each situation were developed. It asks respondents to select one response they would most likely make(best behavior) and one they would least likely make(worst behavior) in each situation. In research 2, the validity of simulation questionnaire was examined based on the data from 1,762 applicants participating in the promotion examinations conducted in 2003, 2004, and 2005 by A company. The simulation questionnaire was included as a trial and excluded from the decision of pass and failure in the promotion examination. Results showed that three indexes(best behavior score, worst behavior score and total score)of simulation questionnaire correlated significantly with the scores of three critical tests that had been traditionally adopted in the promotion examinations by A company. Moreover, the successful applicants got higher score in those three indexes of simulation questionnaire than the unsuccessful applicants. Implications for future research were discussed.

Keyword : manager's appropriateness, performance, simulation questionnaire, validity