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A Study of Innovation-promotive Behavior: The Influencing Process of Job Autonomy


FURUKAWA Hisataka(FURUKAWA Hisataka)

This research introduced the concept of innovation-promotive behavior (IPB) as a critical behavior for organizational change. It was demonstrated that IPB consisted of six distinctive behavioral components. As an antecedent of IPB, the effect of job autonomy on IPB was explored. Specifically, the authors posited that job autonomy would affect IPB directly. In addition, it was proposed that organizational commitment and job involvement would mediate the relationship between job autonomy as a distal antecedent and IPB. The empirical findings supported that job autonomy was significantly associated with IPB via organizational commitment and job involvement as well as directly. It was found that the mediation effects of organizational commitment and job involvement affected differentially on behavioral dimensions of IPB. Theoretical and practical implications were discussed.

Keyword : Innovation-promotive Behavior, Job Autonomy, Organizational Commitment, Job Involvement, Mediation Effects