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Effect of Mentoring on Vocational Identity and Parental Identity, and the Mediating Role of Work-Family Conflict in Regular Employees Caring for Children.

KODAMA makiko(Hiroshima University)

Effects of career and child-care mentoring on vocational and parental identity, as well as the mediating effects of work-family conflict on the above variables were investigated in regular employees who are childrearing. Participants were 66 men and 217 women regular employees, who had preschool, or school-aged children. Results showed that there were no gender differences in the effects of career mentoring and work-family conflict on vocational identity, and in the effect of child-care mentoring on parental identity. Career mentoring directly promoted vocational identity, child-care mentoring directly promoted parental identity, and work-family conflict had a negative effect on vocational identity. But there were gender differences in the effect of career mentoring on work-family conflict and in the effect of work-family conflict on parental identity.

Keyword : mentoring, vocational identity, parental identity, work-family conflict, childrearing regular employee