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Human Resource Management for Part-time Nursing Staff in Hospitals – Difference in recognition between the organization and individual –

NANYA Shino(Aichi Prefectural University)

HIRAI Sayoko(Aichi Prefectural University)

KAZAWA Miki(Aichi Prefectural University)

IIJIMA Sachiko(Juntendo University))

To clarify the current situation of human resource management for part-time nursing staff in hospitals from the viewpoint of the organization and individual,a self-assessment questionnaire survey involving a total of 348 hospitals extracted from A,B,C,and D Prefectures employing a 50% proportionate stratified sampling method,and a qualitative and descriptive study involving 16 part-time hospital nurses in A Prefecture,who were aged 25 to 34,married and/or had children,were conducted. The results showed that nearly 90% of hospitals had employed part-time nurses as sub-core personnel,and half recognized that they had been practicing human resource management for part-time nursing staff,such as education,the clarification of career needs,and positioning. On the other hand,part-time nurses recognized the dilemma caused by unequal treatment in terms of human resource management,revealing the difference in recognition between both parties.

Keyword : part-time nursing staff, human resource management, career development, dilemma