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Exploratory study on University Students’ Feeling of Self-Growth through Job Hunting

TAKAHASHI Namiko(Meikai University)

OKADA Masaki(University of Tsukuba)

Characteristics of the feeling of self-growth resulting from job hunting were investigated. New employees were interviewed about the reality and the effects of job hunting. Results indicated that the feeling of self-growth specific to job hunting included “understanding of society” and “the power to act.” Next, a questionnaire was developed based on the concept that was extracted. New company employees with less than 6 months work experience (n = 296) responded to the questionnaire. Factor analysis of the responses indicated five factors: “Interpersonal relationship” “Self-understanding and self-acceptance” “Active participation in society” “Control of feelings” and “Acquisition of problem solving skills.” It was also suggested that specialty, the amount of effort spent on the activity, the degree of difficulty of the activity, and the satisfaction from the results of the activity influenced the feeling of growth experienced through job hunting. Furthermore, path analysis was conducted and it was confirmed that “Acquisition of problem solving skills,” “Self-understanding and self-acceptance” influenced the behavior before entering a company.

Keyword : transition from school to work, course selection, job-hunting, feeling of self-growth, early stages of a career