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Effect of Tact Time Difference to Teamwork Awareness of Chinese Line Workers

NOWATARI Masahiro(Tamagawa University)

TOBITA Kojiro(Ritsumeikan University, Graduate School of Technology Management)

Research purpose is to verify how tact time impact on teamwork awareness of Chinese line workers. Tact time is the production speed as whole in the plant. GITD (Global Industrial Teamwork Dynamics) as first step lists up China and examines the internal structure of the Chinese teamwork awareness. Empirical studies examined the relationship between tact time and teamwork awareness is hardly seen. This research focuses on Japanese-owned overseas subsidiaries which positively develop global production and utilize native employees in the local plants. Here,awareness concerning teamwork in daily production activity is caught as a group process in social psychology,and the internal structure is considered. This research was conducted at the electrical industry plants in China,during 2007 to 2008. Finally,the hypothesis is tested through statistical tests and multivariate analyses including discriminant analysis,principal component analysis and cluster analysis.

Keyword : tact time, group process, teamwork awareness, Chinese, local plant