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The Frameworks and Practices of Consultation about Attitude Survey

TAKAHARA Ryuji(International Economy & Work Research Institute)

The frameworks and cases are presented, about consultation regarding attitude survey as a form of procedures in which a clinical psychologist contributes to an organization. This is a unique approach, different from commission survey led by social survey professionals. Some social surveys conducted by non-professional in the industrial organizations may bare serious problems concerning research designing or interpretations of the results, thus misleading the actions not suitable for the organization. The attitude survey consultation provides supports to the process of planning, designing, operating, analyzing, and taking actions based on data from a viewpoint of action research so that the non-professionals conducting the survey and others involved will be able to take a leading role in the survey. We demonstrate three organizational studies conducted from such perspective. In the organization aiming to grasp how the time is managed and the amount of the employee stress, survey designs and analyses based on a theoretical model were provided. Results and the management of survey were demonstrated to be improved in the subsequent survey. In another organization where applicant for reemployment after the retirement were few, survey designs were made to identify the factors sustaining the problem based on both employee interviews and the hypotheses of the person in charge. In another organization requesting more effective use of the research they have conducted by themselves, improvement in their items and analyses based on the perspective of hypothesis verification were proposed. Measures were taken to increase the candidates and to expand the range of activities in their subsequent surveys. Although it is difficult to verify the effectiveness of attitude survey consultation quantitatively as an individual case in clinical psychology, there are certain demands as a service and the increases of the knowledge about survey and the motivation to utilize the survey in consultees were observed in these consultation process. When supporting an entire organization, consultation based on psychometrics and action research governed by clinical psychologists may be fruitful for the organizational improvement.

Keyword : attitude survey, consultation, action research, organization