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A Review of Continuance Component of Organizational Commitment

OTA Satsuki(Tokyo Fuji University)

OKAMURA Kazunari(Tokyo Fuji University)

 Although a lot of researchers have explored organizational commitment, only a few researchers have focused on its continuance component. The purpose of this paper is to review the literature of continuance commitment to organizations. We examined the congruence between the theoretical antecedents and the empirical ones, and then, between theoretical outcomes and empirical ones, where we found some incongruence. Theoretically, continuance commitment is assumed to predict turnover, but it doesn’t empirically. We also found that the literature is lacking in consideration of individual differences, although both of Becker’s and Meyer & Allen’s theories hypothesized that they would influence continuance commitment considerably. Future direction that the literature should go on was discussed.

Keyword : organizational commitment, continuance commitment, side-bet theory, Meyer & Allen