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Exploratory study on the fostering process of meaning in work among employees

MASAKI Sumie(University of Tsukuba)

OKADA Masaki(University of Tsukuba)

The purpose of this study was to examine the fostering process of personal meaning in work among employees. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 14 business persons in their 30s working for Japanese private companies. The verbal protocols for each participant were analyzed according to the modified grounded theory approach (M-GTA). As a consequence, 6 category groups, 14 categories, 14 sub-categories, and 59 concepts were created based on data. The major findings were as follows: 1) the process of meaning in work is understood in terms of employees deepen the personal understanding of working, while heading one’s worth in society, 2) the process is facilitated by the societal involvement and work practice in organization, and 3) interpersonal conflict promote the meaning in work significantly.

Keyword : employees, meaning-making in work, fostering process of personal meaning, Modified Grounded Theory Approach (M-GTA)