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Does Employees’ Prevention Focus Determine Their Taking Charge: The Moderating Effect of Outcome Interdependence

OUE Asami(Hiroshima University)

SOMA Toshihiko(Hiroshima University)

This study examined the moderating effect of outcome interdependence (individual or team rewards) on taking charge of prevention-focused employees. Employees focusing on prevention are relatively averse to taking charge because they are likely to be apprehensive about the risk involved in it.
We hypothesized that even prevention-focused employees would engage in taking charge by working for team rewards, which would alleviate their anxiety about making mistakes. The following were the major findings: 1) When employees perceive the necessity for an organizational change due to a change in the external environment, those focused on prevention do not engage in taking charges; 2) However, if employees work toward team rewards, they do engage in taking charges. We discuss the implications of our research findings’ for the theory and practice of effective organizational management.

Keyword : regulatory focus, taking charge, outcome interdependence