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Team Composition Based on Work Orientation and Team Performance: Investigation by Analysis of Maximum and Minimum Score in Team

Kengo Nawata(Kyushu University)

Hiroyuki Yamaguchi(Kyushu University)

Toru Hatano(Kyushu TLO Company Ltd.)

Mika Aoshima(Kyushu TLO Company Ltd.)

This study investigated the relationship between team composition based on work orientation and team performance. By examining the correlation between team performance and the maximum and minimum scores for work orientation, we determined whether the score of member with the highest work orientation correlated with team performance and whether the score of those with the lowest correlated with team performance. A survey of 161 teams comprising 1400 members from five different companies was conducted. The survey results show that the minimum score significantly correlated with team performance and team processes; however, the maximum score did not. This result suggests that a team member with negative work orientation worsens the overall team performance.

Keyword : Team composition, teamwork, team performance, team process