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Qualitative Study of Treatments by Psychotherapists for “New-type Depression” in industrial fields

NAKANO Mina(The University of Tokyo)

The purpose of this study was to investigate interventions provided by psychotherapists for “new- type depression” in industrial fields. Interviews were conducted with eight psychotherapists whose clients had “new-type depression” in order to examine their experiences and emotional changes, as well as to ask what they would do as a psychotherapist for a hypothetical case of “new-type depression”. The data obtained were then analyzed using the GTA method.
The results showed that many psychotherapists believed that support for dealing with real-life issues in the workplace is the most desirable option in terms of effectiveness and should be given first priority during “new-type depression” treatment. The findings also suggest that helping the clients to understand themselves is also effective for new-type depression treatment and recommended when the situation allows.

Keyword : new-type depression, self-understanding, GTA, support for dealing with real-life issues