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Developing a Measure of Multi-faceted Work Motivations in Japanese Organizations

IKEDA Hiroshi(Kyushu University)

MORINAGA Yuta(Musashi University)

The purpose of this study was to develop a scale measuring multi-faceted work motivations in Japanese organizations. It also sought to verify the scale’s validity and reliability. In study 1,items of the scale were developed based on Barrick,Stewart,and Piotrowski’s (2002) work on a prior scale,and included additional content on motivational aspects of learning. These items were further elaborated and examined in preliminary investigation to determine whether each reflected three core dimensions: directivity,persistence,and strength. In study 2,web surveys comprising the items were administered to 600 Japanese employees whose responses were later analyzed. An exploratory factor analysis was performed to ascertain the scale’s validity and reliability,which revealed 4 factors: accomplishment,competition,cooperation,and learning-oriented motivation. In study 4,a longitudinal survey was administered to 300 Japanese employees to determine test ?retest reliability and relationship between work motivation and job performance. The results generally supported the reliability and validity of the multi-faceted work motivations.

Keyword : work motivation, scale development, state, direction, persistence, strength