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Workplace Factors that Enhance Utilization of Industrial Accident Cases as Learning Resources: Focusing on Young Workers’ Awareness of Similarities among Experiences

HASEGAWA Naoko(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

MISAWA Ryo(Nara University)

YAMAGUCHI Hiroyuki(Kyushu University)

This study aimed to examine workplace factors that may lead to greater utilization of industrial accident cases as a subject of learning. This study focused on the awareness of similarities among experiences as the beginning of indirect learning process about workplace failures such as industrial accidents. The following three workplace factors were dealt with: superiors’ behavior to develop young workers,utilization of information on failures,and open discussions. A questionnaire survey was conducted involving 144 young workers under the age of 30 years who were responsible for plant maintenance. A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was executed with awareness of similarities among experiences as a criterion variable and three workplace factors and their interaction as explanatory variables. Results suggested that open discussions enhanced awareness of similarities among industrial accidents. Following interaction analysis of superiors’ behaviors,a mutual moderating effect was observed between support for reflection and confirmation of growth. Results also suggest that awareness of similarities was enhanced by superiors’ clarification of the reasons for practical tasks along with their confirmation of growth. In addition,it was predicted that superiors’ support for reflection would play a role in enhancing the awareness of similarities when information on failures was less utilized in workplace. The implications for development of young workers are discussed.

Keyword : awareness of similarities among experience, failure, accident cases, industrial safety, young workers