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Characteristics and the Background of “New-Type Depression” in Occupational Fields Seen from the Viewpoint of Occupational Health Nurses

NAKANO Mina(The University of Tokyo)

The purpose of this study is to clarify characteristics and background of ”New-type depression” in occupational fields from the viewpoint of occupational health nurses. For comprehensive understanding of the situation,ten occupational health nurses who talked with all involved were interviewed,and the data were analyzed using the Grounded Theory Approach method. The results showed that a certain negative event did not directly cause ”New-type depression”. It was suggested that a lack of resilient and flexible attitude was conspicuous before getting into a depressive state. Also,it was suggested that the employees’ pride and the strict working-place atmosphere made it difficult to consult with others,and a lack of self-analysis involving self-awareness and future perspective was implied. It can be said that promoting self-analysis and improvement of working environment for friendlier atmosphere might contribute as measures against ”New-type depression” in the future.

Keyword : new-type depression, Grounded Theory Approach(GTA), occupational health nurses