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Interpersonal Relationships with Supervisors and Consent to Personnel Appraisal

YOSHIDA Tomoko(University of Tsukuba)

The effects of interpersonal relationships with supervisors on subordinates’ sense of consent to corporate personnel appraisal were investigated. Scales assessing job satisfaction,characteristics of superiors,operation systems,and characteristics of personnel appraisal were developed. An online panel survey was conducted with service employees and managers lower than the rank of section chiefs that had been working at private companies for over three years as permanent employees. Valid responses (N=330) were analyzed. Factors related to interpersonal relationships with the supervisor on subordinates’ consent to personnel appraisal was examined. The results indicated that a well-developed personnel appraisal system increased the sense of consent to the appraisals. Moreover,the sense of consent to personnel appraisals improved when superiors showed appropriate leadership and when subordinates trusted the superiors. Results also indicated that job satisfaction increased when the sense of consent to personnel appraisals increased.

Keyword : supervisor, interpersonal relationship, personnel appraisal, sense of consent, leadership