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Measuring Local Officials’ Attitude toward Getting a Promotion and Its Influencing Factors

FUKADA Hitomi(Sumida City Office)

This research examines how local officials have their attitudes toward getting a promotion and what factors influence such attitudes. For pilot study,semi – structured interviews were conducted with local officials (N=16). Study results show they had self-avoidance of getting a promotion. Next,a questionnaire survey was conducted with local officials working in the Tokyo metropolitan area. With the data of 205 valid responses,findings indicate that attitudes toward promotion consist of four factors: (1) Motivation for promotion,(2) Avoidance of promotion due to lack of self -confidence,(3) Avoiding promotion due to heavier responsibilities,and (4) Avoidance of promotion due to emphasis on QOL. Comparison of these four factors indicates that “motivation for promotion” is low and “avoidance of promotion due to lack of self -confidence” is high. This tendency is more significant for women than men.

Keyword : Local official, attitudes toward promotion, motivation for promotion, avoidance of promotion, work satisfaction