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The Effects of Attitude Toward Eco-friendly Shopping Bags on Environmentally Conscious Behavior

Hiromitsh MAEDA(Kyoto Tachibana University)

In recent years,eco-friendly products have become increasingly fashionable. The present study examined the effect that attitudes toward eco-friendly shopping bags (eco-bags),with a focus on their fashionable,have on environmentally conscious behavior. Results from a total of 245 participants who responded to a questionnaire indicated that not only essential elements of eco-bags,such as “being good for the environment” and “perceived psychological and economical cost,” affect pro-environmental attitudes and behavior,but others-oriented factor,including the style and fashionability of eco-bags,can also promote pro-environmental behavior among consumers. The validity of this model was examined based on these results.

Keyword : eco-friendly shopping bags, ?environmentally conscious behavior, ?fashionability, ?attitude