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The Process of Going through a Reluctant Career on the First Employment

Kanae ISHIGURO(University of Tokyo)

The purpose of this quantitative research is to understand the process of young people going through unwilling career,from the first year to around third year of employment. The subject of this research is newly-hired employees,who unwillingly entered a company. This study consists of semi-structured interviews and they were analyzed based on the M-GTA. As a result,51 concepts were generated. These were organized into 12 categories,and a result chart was made. According to this,the whole process consists of three layers; future,present and past. This process is divided into 4 terms ?temporary term,deadlocked term,constructing term,and acceptance term. This research suggests that the most important way for them to be able to overcome the mental instability (deadlocked period) is to be aware of their own “turning point”,and put their efforts to face their present work,which lead them to develop their own new future perspective.

Keyword : unwilling career, ?new graduates of universities, ?M-GTA, ?time perspective