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Development of Scales for Subordinate and Supervisor Trust in One Another in the Supervisor-Subordinate Relationship

FUJIWARA Isamu(Kyoto Tachibana University)

This study examines the development of scales measuring supervisor trust of a subordinate (ToSb),as well as subordinate trust of a supervisor (ToSp). First,through the analysis of data (supervisor: N = 20; subordinate: N = 13),ToSp and ToSb were constructed. Next,web data analysis (supervisor: N = 150; subordinate: N = 150),was used to test,the validity and reliability of the ToSp and ToSb constructed in this study. The results confirmed that ToSp and ToSb had high validity and reliability except for the reverse-scored items. Therefore,future research should review reverse scoring items of ToSp and ToSb.

Keyword : trusted, ?supervisor-subordinate relationship, ?trust, ?reflected self-appraisal, ?mental health