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Does Organizational Justice Guide Occupational Pride and Intention to Safety Actions?: Occupational Pride – Intention to Implement Safety Actions Model with Organizational Justice and Affective

OYA Hana(Rikkyo University)

HAGA Shigeru(Rikkyo University)

Occupational pride,feelings of self-respect for one’s occupation,facilitates the intention to implement safety actions while performing a job (Oya & Haga,2016). We questioned whether organizational justice guides safety actions with increasing occupational pride,and how strong affective commitment to the organization enhances safety intention in comparison with occupational pride. We administered a survey to 1800 workers from 4 organizations under the hypothetical Model and analyzed by Structural Equation Modeling. Results were as follows: 1) Organizational justice had a stimulatory effect on both occupational pride and organizational commitment. 2) The total effect of occupational pride on safety attitudes,which was an antecedent for safety behavioral intentions,was large. In contrast,the effect of organizational commitment was relatively small. The gap came from the difference in the effects on the schedule-adherence factor in work motivation,i.e.,occupational pride had an inhibitory effect and affective commitment was relatively stimulatory. 3) Organizational justice and occupational pride facilitated the subjective norm in workplace safety. These implied that measures of high levels of organizational justice would affect workers’ attitudes and performance in occupational safety.

Keyword : osafety action, ?occupational pride, ?organizational justice, ?affective commitment to the organization