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An Exploratory Study of a Work Identity of Middle-aged Employees and Elderly Employees in an Enterprise

TAKAHASHI Aya(Mayekawa Hitodukuri Foundation)

TAJIMA Nobumoto(Shirayuri University)

HARA Takeyuki(Shirayuri University)

This research clarifies how middle-aged and elderly employees are conscious of their future work identity. An example of an enterprise that can continue work even after retirement. Study 1 was an interview survey of seven middle-aged employees. The study results showed that middle-aged employees thought about their future from the way they worked,and found that they would seek different avenues to work as older employees while being psychologically prepared. Study 2 was an interview survey of six elderly employees,which showed that elderly employees practiced the way they worked at elderly employees and at the same time explored ways of working as their own elderly employees it became clear that it was. Study 3 was a group discussion with 24 elderly employees. They spoke about how it is to work as an elderly employee. Conflicts and anxiety were common during transition from middle age to elderly and company’s support was indispensable. The study results suggested that a work identity in an enterprise is psychological continuity from the middle-aged employees to the older employees and it is important to have a time perspective at each age.

Keyword : a work identity, an enterprise, middle- age employee, elderly employee, M-GTA