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An Exploratory Study on the Career Choice to Stay at the Same Company and Organizational Re-adaptation Process of Ex-manager Stepping Down Based on the Position Retirement Policy

SUDO Akira(University of Tsukuba)

OKADA Masaki(University of Tsukuba)

The purpose of this study was to examine the career choice to stay at the same company and organizational re-adaptation process of ex-managers who stepped down their positions based on the position retirement policy. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 20 ex-managers. The data collected from each participant were analyzed according to the modified grounded theory approach. A hypothetical model was constructed. As a result,9 category groups,22 categories,6 sub-categories,and 70 concepts were created based on the data. The major findings were as follows: Upon position retirement,ex-managers make the career choices to stay at the same company. The career choice is subject not only to the result of job search and self-analysis but also other ex-managers around them and family issues. Ex-managers who take new roles after stepping down feel a sense of loss of managerial roles,but move toward the practical and psychological re-adaptation to the new role with the influence of co-workers,workplaces and their work orientations. Then they revise their career plans which affect their career choices at the retirement age of 60.

Keyword : position retirement policy, ex-manager, career choice, adaptation process, modified grounded theory approach (M-GTA)