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Development of a Japanese Version of Work-Family Balance Scale: An Examination of Scale Reliability and Validity

HARA Takeyuki(Shirayuri University)

FUJIMOTO Tetsushi (Doshisha University)

The purpose of this study was to develop a Japanese version of work-family balance scale (WFBS-J) and examine its scale reliability and validity. In Study 1,we translated Carlson,Grzywacz,& Zivnuska’ (2009) English version of work-family balance scale into Japanese,then we tested for the factor structure and internal consistency,discriminant validity,as well as criterion validity of the translated scale. In Study 2,we examined test-retest reliability of WFBS-J. Our results were twofold. First,WFBS-J exhibited a single factor structure,consistent with Carlson et al.’s original scale. Second,WFBS-J maintained sufficient levels of internal consistency and discriminant validity,as well as criterion validity. Findings in this study suggest that WFBS-J is a reliable and valid tool for measuring work-family balance for Japanese.

Keyword : work-family balance, reliability, validity, scale development