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The relationships between performance pressure, work motivation, and meaningfulness of work: Investigating the moderating roles of autocratic leadership and servant leadership

SAKURAI Kenji(Nihon University)

Building on vitamin model (Warr,2007) and self-determination theory (Ryan & Deci,2017),the current study explored the effects of performance pressure on 1) intrinsic work motivation,2) extrinsic work motivation,and 3) meaningfulness of work. Results based on 976 full-time Japanese workers showed that the effects of performance pressure on the aforementioned outcomes are curvilinear. Further,the effects of performance pressure on intrinsic work motivation and meaningfulness of work were moderated by servant leadership style,whereas the effect of performance pressure on extrinsic work motivation was moderated by autocratic leadership style. Theoretical implications,as well as implications for future research,are discussed.

Keyword : performance pressure, leadership, work motivation, meaningfulness of work