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The Effects of Generativity and Sense of Psychological ‘Ibasho’ on Work identity: Examining the Mediating Role of Generativity


The purpose of this research was to examine the generativity of middle and old age from the sense of psychological?‘ibasho’?and a work identity in enterprise. A web-based questionnaire survey was administered to enterprise employees (N=450). The results of analysis indicated “generativity (positive)”was significantly higher in the 60s than in the 40s,while” generativity (negative)”was significantly higher in the 40s than in the 60s. And,we examined the process model that the sense of psychological?‘ibasho’?at work influences ”a work identity” through ”generativity (positive)” and ”generativity (negative)”. As a result,it was found that there was no difference in each age and it was a consistent model. In addition,it was suggested that by enhancing the sense of psychological?‘ibasho’?and reducing the ”generativity (negative)”,a work identity would be enhanced.

Keyword : generativity, sense of psychological ‘ibasho’, a work identity, middle and old age, enterprise