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Psychological process of staff in Transition Support for Employment

TAKESHITA Hiroshi(Tsukuba University of Technology)

FUJITA Norikatsu(Polytechnic University)

Recently,training of supporters who have never supported persons with mental disabilities has become an urgent task,both in line care of managers and the Transition Support for Employment (TSE). Clarifying the mechanisms of relationships between support behaviors,cognition and emotion enables such supporters control the situation. However,research on it is underdeveloped. Therefore,this study analyzed data obtained from the interview with sixteen TSE staff by Modified Grounded Theory Approach. As a result,a dual balance model that “to balance the development of relationships within the center with the development of relationships with the users” enables “to balance the emotions of the staff at each step” was proposed. Managers need both group-level monitoring and individual-level assessment. The importance of “mutual care between staff” that has been overlooked in the previous studies on team management was clarified.

Keyword : line-care training, transition support for employment, human resource development, psychological factors