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How Transformational Leadership influence on Group-norm succession orientation interacting with Narcissism.

OZEKI Miki(Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Okayama University)

The current study examined the effects of transformational leadership and narcissism on the group norm succession orientation. A total of 400 business persons participated in an online survey. Results showed that 1) those who with high transformational leadership and low narcissism tended to try to stop passing down undesirable group norms to their younger generations,but those who with low transformational leadership and high narcissism did not. 2) It was shown that those who have low transformational leadership and high narcissism tend to think that their generation has the right to make decisions when passing down their group norms to the younger generations. In addition,it was shown that passing group norms down can be a means of reinforcing their superiority to the younger generations for superiors who have higher narcissism.

Keyword : transformational leadership, narcissism, succession of group norm