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The Effects of Working Fathers’ Parental Leave on Career Self-Reliance and Work-Family Facilitation

ONO Hiromi(Meisei University)

The purpose of this study was to examine whether and how working fathers’ taking parental leave affects career self-reliance and work-family facilitation. I asked 653 married male workers with children under 10 years of age to answer a questionnaire on the internet which consisted of psychological variables of career self-reliance (clarity of career self-image,career development motivation,and career self-responsibility awareness),career self-reliance behavior (adaptation to environmental changes,career development behavior,networking behavior,and proactive job behavior),and work-family facilitation (work-to-family facilitation and family-to-work facilitation). As a result of multiple regression analysis,it was clarified that parental leave promoted clarity of career self-image,career development behavior,adaptation to environmental changes,proactive job behavior,and networking behavior. In addition,it was shown that parental leave promoted work-to-family facilitation.

Keyword : working father, men’s parental leave, career self-reliance, work-family facilitation, work-life balance