There are two types of membership available; individual membership and corporate membership. Conditions of eligibility are listed for both of these types below.

・Individual Membership (Official Membership)

At least one of the following must apply.

  1. Individuals involved in the study or research of fields related to industrial and organizational psychology.
  2. Individuals with at least three years’ experience in fields related to industrial and organizational psychology.
  3. Postgraduate students involved in research into fields related to industrial and organizational psychology.
  4. Also, individuals specifically deemed eligible by the Board of Directors.


・Corporate Membership

Companies that agree to the tenets of the Association and wish to take part in its business activities.

Corporate Membership Privileges:

The person in charge at the corporation will be sent details and information on the Association’s research activities, as well as association journals and newsletters. Representatives of the company can take part in our annual conferences and various workshops at an inexpensive per-person rate that is equivalent to individual member rates. Experts are also available to provide advice, etc., on the various issues that the company faces.

Individuals and companies that are interested in seeking membership are invited to contact the Association’s secretariat.

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