Empirical Study on Promoting Factors of Career Self-Reliance

HORIUCHI Yasutoshi(University of Tsukuba)
OKADA Masaki(University of Tsukuba)

The purpose of this study was to empirically examine promoting factors of career self-reliance of corporate employees. A questionnaire was administered on a website to 669 corporate employees working in multiple companies. A path model of career self-reliance was developed based on the previous explorative study of psychological processes of career self-reliance as well as other related previous studies. The model proposed four variables; career transition experience, learning from work experience, leader-member exchange (LMX) and team-member exchange (TMX); which promoted career self-reliance. Analyses based on a structural equation modeling indicated that career transition experience, LMX and TMX promoted learning from work experience, and then learning from work experience promoted career self-reliance of employees.

Keyword : career self-reliance , career transition experience , learning from work experience , leader-member exchange(LMX) , team-member exchange (TMX)

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