The Relationship between the Work and Career Development and Psycho-Social Development and also Figure out these Development Processes -Among Adult Corporate Employees-

OKADA Masaki(NS Solutions Corporation; Nagoya University)
KANAI Atsuko(Nagoya University)

The purpose of this research was to study the relationship between the work and career development and psycho-social development among adult corporate employees and also to figure out these development processes.  A questionnaire was administered on a website to 280 business persons working in multiple companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area.  As a background, D.E. Super’s career development theory and E.H. Erikson’s psycho-social development theory were used as basic theories to create “Integral model for demonstrating the relationship between career development and psycho-social development”.  The model was considered best fit by covariance structure analysis.  The results of the study are summarized as follows:  
The attitude towards work through career development has an effect on psycho-social development.
The attitude towards work has an effect directly on psycho-social development.
Until adolescence, psycho-social development has an effect the attitude towards work and career development.
The way to dissolve opacity of career is to promote psycho-social development in adulthood.

Keyword : psycho-social development , career development , , attitude towards work , opacity of career , integral model

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