119th Division Workshop – Division of Human Resources [Effects and future development of education and training by participatory training method]

In recent years, as a human factor related with safety, resilience and non-technical skills in organization and front-line practitioners are noticed.
In order to enhance those skills and abilities, the new style education or training methods, which are not conventional classroom learning, are needed.
In the meantime, the new approaches using the participatory training methods have been increasing in various fields of education and training. The features of participatory training method are pleasant and the attendees can participate or they can think by themselves. Therefore, it is useful to improve the ability of resilient response and non-technical skill.
In this workshop some recent case studies about the development and practices of new style of education and training using the participatory training method will be introduced by researchers and firms. After that, the effectiveness and the problems of those approaches will be discussed.


December 19th (Saturday), 2015, 14:00–17:00


University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Campus : Lecture Room # 119 of the Bunkyo School Building
3-29-1 Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0012

Attendance Fee:

Free of Charges (for both members and non-members).
Please feel free to participate.


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